NIKOS Sculpture Homme God`s Night

2016-11-29 9:51

If a fragrance can trigger memories of my generation, evoke nostalgic thoughts and return images of beautiful moments from youthful days, then it's Sculpture by Nikos. This is one of those unusual and gentle fragrances which I remember fondly and buy again and again because of its juicy, sweet and resinous composition and because of its beautiful sail-shaped bottle, which is simple but memorable. One of the jewels of the '90s, also very appreciated because of its affordable price, Nikos Sculpture Pour Homme was an excellent companion to Sculpture edition for women.

Sculpture pour Homme

According to the brand "Behind a legend always stands a man: mysterious, powerful and strong. The legend that is the embodiment of the gods from Greek mythology is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the brand Nikos which celebrates the body, its strength and perfection."

Man on a beach

Nikos Sculpture God's Night is the new fragrance created as a contrast of fire and ice - two elements that are controlled by the gods. A new interpretation of the original edition that sees man as a powerful and passionate winner. The man who dreams of a world that is formed according to his ideas…

Now, 21 years later, Nikos opts for a new olfactory step by launching NIKOS SCULPTURE HOMME GOD'S NIGHT, a new fragrance for men that will certainly makes us, the nostalgic ones, experience and compare it with the excellent and well-known first edition. The bottle retains the same shape but changes the color of the liquid to a golden hue.

The official website of Nikos brand describes the new fragrance as extremely erotic, oriental and spicy. The composition opens with notes of cardamom along with mandarin and Sichuan pepper, followed by flavors of vetiver and fig in the heart of the composition; seductive, sexy aromas come from musk in the base combined with vanilla.

edition 2016

cardamom, Sichuan pepper, mandarin
vetiver, fig
musk, vanilla

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