Mercedes-Benz For Men Cologne

2016-10-12 18:13

The Mercedes-Benz journey into perfume land is far from being over. Covering men's fragrances in different olfactive families, the house decided it's time now to enter a field of freshness and clear shades. Mercedes-Benz For Men Cologne is the new fragrance for men that is already for sale on Asian markets, but will only be available in the rest of the world by December 2016. This was one of the novelties that the brand was presenting during this year's edition of the TFWA event in Cannes.

Mercedes-Benz For Men Cologne is a reinvention of the spirit of a traditional eau de cologne with modern elegance and dynamics. Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp was responsible for the development of this composition, which is a close relative to Dior Homme Cologne. Olivier Cresp describes the concept of his new creation like this: "Calm and peaceful, bare feet on the sand, looking towards the horizon. His whole soul guided by his desires. Being himself and expressing it simply. With strength and delicacy.”

This is a simple and unpretentious fragrance that exalts tradition and gives a boost of freshness and energy to the wearer. An everyday scent to wear at the office or on a relaxed sunday. It is that versatile and universal. The bottle is beautiful, in an aquatic green color, with silver and white details on the cap. The shape is the same as all the editions of this line.

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