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luxus (főnév)

Eredet [luxus < latin: luxus (fényűzés < burjánzás)

1. a legjobb és legdrágább dolgok használata és élvezete, ami a legnagyobb kényelmet és élvezetet adja az embernek; fényűzés.



TFWA Cannes 2016: Aquolina Luna Park

As announced, Aquolina, the brand famous for Pink Sugar from 2004, continues its legacy of playful, fun and delicious fragrances with the new edition for 2017 called Luna Park. The long-awaited second pillar of AQUOLINA promises an innovative gourmand composition that comes in a cute packaging. Luna Park tells the story of excitement and joy that amusement parks and carnivals bring.
2016-10-12 18:19
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TFWA Cannes 2016: Kiss by Rihanna

Kiss by Rihanna comes out in early 2017 as a continuation of the collection that was started with RiRi by Rihanna in 2015, followed by Crush by Rihanna from 2016. Kiss comes in a baby blue bottle with a golden cap, of identical design as its predecessors.
2016-10-12 18:18
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Rue Princesse: For Pink Fashion Royalty

In Cannes last week, during the TFWA 2016 show, INCC presented a new brand for girls that love french fashion: Rue Princesse. Paris, the international capital of fashion, is the background for this first chapter in the new line of fragrances directed at princesses all over the world. Very feminine and girly, this pink edition is floral and gourmand and it follows the trend of sugared fruity perfumes.
2016-10-12 18:15
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Mercedes-Benz For Men Cologne

The Mercedes-Benz journey into perfume land is far from being over. Covering men's fragrances in different olfactive families, the house decided it's time now to enter a field of freshness and clear shades.
2016-10-12 18:13
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